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Welcome to Brewvillle!

Play as a young witch exploring a magic ghost town to collect ingredients to craft the perfect menu and serve spo0oky customers at your brand new cafe.

Collect ingredients to create drinks and upgrade your cafe through a variety of activities including but not limited to: 

  • solving riddles
  • mining (although we can't promise the cave isn't haunted)
  • very breezy but kinda easy maze
  • meeting new friends :)
  • and more! 

As you complete the recipes, they are officially added into the cafe’s local menu. Pay attention for hints about the rarest ingredient in town, which is sure to guarantee your cafe’s future success and popularity as a customer favorite! 

[ this game is currently still in development and being debugged :) ] 

[ current build: updated 5.22.2020 ; next update: TBD]


Cafecadabra_5.22_Build.zip 106 MB

Development log


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this was adorable, happy to read it's still being worked on because i want more!

Hope you enjoy the video yours is the first game :D


the atmosphere and dialogue were really charming! can't wait for further additions :)))


ahh thank u so much!!!! :D


Love the concept and graphics. Not sure if I missed something or hit a glitch but I wasn't able to get the elixir. Still a cute game!


wow, thank you so muchh!! we really appreciate seeing your feedback :D

and yeah, that is something we're still working on haha (among other things :))